Construction process


A bespoke yacht offers the owner the opportunity to construct your floating dream. MYS have proven experience in turning owner’s dreams into reality.

MYS will guide you through initial meetings with designers and shipyards to establish a clear preliminary statement of your vision for your yacht.

MYS along with a personal project manager are constantly at hand to ensure that every person involved is working together to achieve the owner’s vision.

Owners often make multiple visits during the construction to personally oversee the construction progress, request change orders and walk through their dream yacht as it develops. The whole experience is truly awe-inspiring with a team of highly skilled craftsmen working together to achieve the owner’s vision.

Series yachts are an option that will reduce the construction time and reduce costs however there are limitations to the amount of personalisation that can be achieved, as the hull and structure are predesigned with the layout. This may not require so much compromise if the design offers most or all the amenities you require and it has been tried and tested through previous launches of the same series hull.

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