Why build new?

The question whether to construct your own yacht over purchasing from the brokerage market is a very straight forward one.

A new construction yacht gives the owner the ability to have complete control over their construction project from start to finish. Once a brokerage yacht has been purchased much time and money can be spent refitting and modernising to fulfil your own personal tastes and requirements. Compromises may have to be made with a brokerage market yacht, such as having the latest available machinery and cutting edge technology on-board. New construction projects offer the owner the ability to work with a designer to incorporate these technologies within their own chosen layout.

At MYS we understand the value of importance of being able to spend quality time on a pristine yacht.

During the first few years of a yacht ownership there is the benefit of lower maintenance expenditure with newly installed machinery and systems being covered by factory warranties.

New construction projects do require greater initial investment over a purchased brokerage yacht, but the owner will have the potential to see better value return from his investment. One of the main advantages of a newly built superyacht is its resale market value, with many of the constructions built in the top reputable shipyards maintaining exceptional value.

If the owner is considering offering the yacht on the charter market, a newly constructed charter yacht can potentially attract more charter business at an optimum charter rate.

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