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Refit & Repair Management

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With MYS refit management, great value can be achieved from successfully refitting an existing yacht to your personal tastes and requirements. Be it from the outset of ownership or during, a refitted yacht can exponentially add to the yachts aesthetic value and you’re on board experience, as well as to the safety of your family and crew.

The key to successfully refitting a yacht is the effective planning and correct execution of the management plan. The key players are the captain along with our project manager who executes the plan within the time and financial limits.

MYS can offer the following services:

• Pre-planning and assessment of works.
• The sourcing and Introduction of the top naval architects, interior designers and refit yard into the project on behalf of the client.
• Project development including the preparation of the preliminary general arrangement, detailed specification, solicitation and review of refit yard proposals.
• Visiting selected refit yards and the evaluation of proposals and pricing.
• Cooperation with legal teams on the development of contract terms, insurance policies and scheduled payments.
• Review and confirmation of refit plan and schedules.
• Quotations, costing and financial control.
• Sectioning and appointment of specialist contractors.
• Regular online reporting with controlled access for captains, project managers and owners via the MYS portal.
• Consultation with refit yard in the avoidance of delays and the development of any reschedule plans.
• Purchasing and logistical assistance.
• Class and flag state involvement.
• Attendance and monitoring of any sea trials and systems commissioning.
• Technical summery on completion.
• Post refit service, support and warranty.

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